We know it is difficult to understand the nuances between all the industry terms and there is much confusion when you are seeking to find the right place to live – or you are researching the best options for your loved one. How do you find just the right amount of support that allows you to stay as independent and active as you wish.

Our staff at Inspirations will always be a resource for you and your loved ones and will guide you through the process, before you get here and throughout your stay.

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Live Well. Live Better. Live where you maximize the possibilities. Whether you’re a senior searching for answers or a caring family member eager to assist, you’ll find our unbiased, research-based, thought-provoking resources will guide you toward smart, confident decisions.

Independent Living

Independent living is similar to you and, if applicable, your spouse, having your own apartment, but with a social circle of friends just outside your door and others who do many of the daily chores. This could be a good option if you or your loved one is feeling a bit overwhelmed with daily responsibilities of keeping and maintaining a home; or perhaps your family and friends are no longer close by and you wish to make new friends and have people around you in a like situation.


Assisted Living

Much like Independent Living, your apartment is your personal and private residence. Assisted living comes into play for those who may need a little more help with tasks like taking medications on a proper schedule, personal grooming or hygiene. The amount of assistance from staff is customized for your needs and can be adjusted when necessary. A nurse is available, as well, to monitor and assess health needs and your level of care.


Memory Care

Memory Care is a program specifically for residents with dementia related diagnosis’s and is designed to ensure safety and well-being while preserving dignity, memories and life experiences.


Short Term Care

Also known as respite care, short term care ensures caregivers can take some time for their own personal needs, physical and mental health while their loved one is in the care of a team of compassionate professionals.


Veteran Benefits

If you are a Veteran, there are programs available to help you pay to live at Inspirations and enjoy all the community has to offer. Let us help you learn who to talk about qualifying for and navigating the system.


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